Product Engineering

Leverage our experience working in all phases of the product lifecycle

Rapid Setup

Engage with us to put together a team of experts that already work together well as a team, and can hit the ground running on your project.

Proven Track Record

Leave the engineering to us and focus on other aspects such as product roadmap and marketing, knowing that you have a team with established track record working on your project.

Product Experience

Work with team members that are experienced working in all phases of the product lifecycle, and bring the right long-term perspective towards their work.

Dedicated Team

Realize the benefits of having stable resources work on a long term basis, dedicated to your product and directions, much as virtual employees in a remote location.

Product Engineering Services-Contata Solutions

Product Engineering Partner

Everything you need for all phases of the product lifecycle

From product conceptualization to development and deployment, Contata comprehensively manages the entire product lifecycle. We can take the engineering aspects off your hands so you can focus on other critical business operations.

Our comprehensive product lifecycle management helps you:

  • Get to market faster
  • Deploy higher quality product
  • Lower compliance risk
  • Focus your management and marketing

Our Services

Conceptualization & Solution design

Evolving technologies and customer demands result in challenging yet exciting opportunities for new products. Our team of experts can brainstorm with your product visionaries to capture the target-market needs, a solution and interfaces for addressing them.

During this formulative stage, we:

  • Document use-cases and elaborate on them
  • Create mockups and walkthroughs for a highly intuitive and visually pleasing interface
  • Select most promising approaches to prototype and validate

System Component Architecture

Our team of architects and engineers can start to break down the overall functionality into functional components, focusing on modern architectural concepts such as microservices, decoupled architectures, and micro-frontends.

The team pays attention that the system can:

  • Fulfil requirements of the product vision
  • Offer performance and scalability to required levels
  • Utilizes the best of cloud or on-prem technologies and components
  • Allows for easy ongoing enhancements and modifications

Agile build-release cycles

During this phase, our team of designers, developers and QA resources, bring the overall system to life through small build-release cycles.

In each cycle, a set of new features is targeted to:

  • Further elaborate on requirements
  • Fit into new or existing components in overall design
  • Code and test to verify desired functionality
  • Released internally to product owners for usability testing and acceptance.

At any point in the process, the deployment process can be targeted for general, rather than internal, release.

Maintenance & Support

With the rapid development behind us, we can focus on ensuring that the product is working as expected, and make enhancements as needed.

The process again follows an agile build release process with an emphasis on:

  • Dev-ops and monitoring of system
  • Fielding user issue reports and diagnosis and responses
  • Enhancement or fixes in existing functionality
  • Improvements in system performance for speed and system resources
  • Reengineering components to exploit new tools and technologies