Machine Learning & AI

Drive your business with strategies informed by data-mining and predictive modeling techniques, to optimize your business performance!

Apply Anywhere

Bring the promise of data-driven strategies to enhance performance of all aspects of your business .. from HR to Sales & marketing.

Rapid Deployment

Get up and running with advanced machine learning models rapidly. Once you have your data put together, we can train and deploy ML models within days.

Automated Analysis

Replace manual data analysis and strategizing with patterns and predictions gleaned automatically through data-mining and machine learning.

Optimize Performance

Deploy prescriptive models to zip through myriad of possible actions, and choose ones predicted to maximize business results.

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Data Mining

Insights from patterns in your data

Apply automated techniques to find patterns in your data that can spell threats or opportunities.

  • Anomalies: Find customers who’s purchase behavior has changed, or a traffic patterns different than usual.
  • Clusters/Segments: Discover groups within your customers with similar characteristics, or figure out categories to organize a set of documents.
  • Cyclicity: Analyze your sales to separate noise and understand seasonal variations as well as long term trend.

Technologies: Time series decomposition, k-means, spectral clustering, one-class classification, SVM, xgboost, Light GBM, trend mining, graph mining, feature engineering

Predictive Models

Deploy strategies based on predicted outcomes

Build models based on analysis and learnings from your data predict outcomes. These can include approaches to:

  • Categorize a new document, or recognize an object from an image
  • Decide whether a prospect is likely to buy before you spend marketing dollar
  • Predict sales of a product, or lifetime value of a customer
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Technologies: Logisitic regression, regression, Gradient boosted trees, Time series forecasting, recommendation system, collaborative filtering, deep learning, convolution networks, classification, nearest neighbor, random forest trees, text mining, image processing

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Prescriptive Models

Choose the best actions

Even with the help of predictive models, choosing from multitude of options can become tedious and error prone process. You can deploy the next level of machine learning to automatically choose the best from infinitely many possibilities. For example:

  • Decide what messaging would work best to engage a prospect
  • What level of spend would work best in a campaign
  • What step should a robot take in given sequence

Techniques/ Technologies: Reinforcement learning, Multi arm bandit, Contextual multi arm bandits, sequence modelling, Time series forecasting, Bayesian modelling

Use Cases

Sales Analytics

Analyze who your best customers are, and maximize your relationship based on techniques such as segmentation, lifetime value projections, churn analysis, and influencer analysis.

Campaign Optimization

Optimize all aspects of your campaigns including target audience members, as well as the timing, channel and content of campaign messages.

Document Processing

Deploy advanced text processing to automatically categorize new documents, perform free text searches, extract embedded information and find similar documents.

Image Analysis

Process images for automated functions such as classification by a broad set of categories, identification of specific objects on the image, extract color and style characteristics.

Bid Optimization

Deploy advanced optimization techniques to predict expected performance of bids and optimize utilization of budget in auction-based systems.

Talent Optimization

Analyze your employee and partner relationships to optimize all phases of the lifecycle including acquisition, deployment and retention.