Document & Text Analytics

Process documents at scale, automatically categorizing them, enabling high-level text searches, and extracting structured information for downstream intelligence.

Digitize all document assets

Convert all your documents to electronic format, enabling them for uses such as text search and information extraction.

Deploy fast text search

Make your searches more productive with support for queries based on concepts rather than keywords, executed at scale.

Drive Intelligent Applications

Extract structured information from documents to drive more finely targeted searches and other downstream applications.

Text Analytics Services-Contata Solutions

Document Ingestion

Digitize and categorize documents in an online repository

Your documents can get a new life when digitized and incorporated into an online repository. Contata can assist in the creation of such a repository, ingesting documents at scale, applying OCR If necessary, and then running classification algorithms to put them into specific categories defined in your ontology.

Fast Concept Level Searching

Search by terms and synonyms etc.

Searching on documents based only on keywords alone can be a hit-and-miss process, necessitating several attempts with alternative phrasing the target documents may include. Contata can make searches more convenient and productive by enabling queries incorporating concepts rather than keywords, making searches more productive.

Text Analytics Business Solutions-Contata Solutions
Document Text Analysis-Contata Solutions

Information Extraction

Identify and extract values for key informational elements in documents

Knowing that a document is an office lease, for example, does not go as far as knowing also who the parties are, and what the specifics of the property and rent agreements are. Contata can train algorithms to extract such meaningful information automatically and append this structured information to be used by downstream applications.

Use Cases

Document Ingestion

Ingest documents at scale to create an online digital repository


Automatically classify documents by categories to organize your content

Information Extraction

Extract names places and other information to create metadata for your documents

Concept Searching

Enable documents for searches not just be keywords, but the concepts they represent

Similarity Searching

Find documents like a targeted one for uses such as removing similar or duplicate content

Document Clustering

Find groups of related documents to discover breadth of topics in your library

Concept Embeddings

Compute space embeddings for documents to enable them for concept level searches

Content Summarization

Create summarization of longer documents for easier consumption of content

Topic Detection

Find topics covered by a set of documents automatically.

Chatbot Training

Train chatbots to conduct meaningful interactions on specific topics and actions

Sentiment Detection

Find the sentiment level of social posts or other documents.

Language Translation

Perform automatic translation of documents into language of choice