Customer Analytics

Understand who your potential and current customers are … and maximize the value of your relationships through analytics.

Understand your customers

Apply analytics to discover key demographic and behavioral characteristics of your customers.

Target Prospects

Identify prospects from the population who are most likely to turn into customers for your products and services.

Acquire & Retain

Perform lifetime-value and churn analyses to prioritize who you target with your acquisition and retention efforts.

Maximize Value

Guide your sales campaigns with predictive models that offers and communications to maximize your relationships

Customer Analytics Solutions-Contata Solutions

Data Appends

Enrich your customer data with demographic and contact info appends

Often the information you have on your prospects and customers is sparse – limited to basic contact information. We can help enrich the customer/prospect information in your CRM by appending additional demographic and contact information of choice.


Understand who your current customers are

Segmenting your customers into groups based on similar characteristics is the usually the first step in design and deployment of targeted market strategies. We can help you with your customer segmentation efforts applying advanced clustering and mining techniques on customer data appended with hundreds of demographic and behavioral attributes.

Customer Data Analytics Solutions-Contata Solutions
Customer Data Analytics Solution-Contata Solutions


Identify best prospects from the population

A good understanding of your customers can be leveraged towards identifying and targeting new prospects. Contata has extensive experience creating B2B abd B2C prospect lists, by applying advanced predictive modelling techniques on the millions of prospects in its in-house consumer and business databases.

Lifetime Value Analysis

Maximize the return on your CRM efforts

Prioritizing how you spend your resources towards acquiring new customers or retaining current ones is important towards maximizing the return on your efforts. A well-designed life-time value prediction model, can help you allocate your resources across prospects with most predicted future value.

Customer Data Insight-Contata Solutions
Customer Data Analytics Solution Contata Solutions

Churn Analysis

Identify at-risk customers and deploy retention strategies

Identifying customers who are at risk of terminating their relationship with you, is the first step in deploying efforts towards retaining them. Contata can help apply machine learning models to identify at-risk customers based on combination of their demographic profile, transaction trends and other behavioral data.