Custom Development

Partner with us to bring your product visions to reality

On-demand Resources

Work with our development and QA resources, scaling the team up or down as per your upcoming needs.

Common environment

Deploy a common development environment to run development projects, choosing either your own tools and platforms or ours.

Extended Team

Partner with us to set up and manage a team of dedicated resources working on an ongoing basis on your projects, as a virtual extension of your organization.


Your requirements and fast-moving timelines drive us, not the other way around. You’re in full control, so you can plan your product releases faster.

Custom Software Development Company in USA-Contata Solutions

Our Experience

Over 20 years of building and delivering cutting edge applications

Since 2000, we’ve partnered with many leading businesses in various industries to build their business-critical software applications. Our experienced developers have delivered on complex mobile, web, and enterprise software projects, driving growth and innovation. With your top-tier resources, you get unparalleled expertise for your most strategic software builds.

Full-Stack Development

One Stop Shop for all your software development needs

From back-end to front-end, from strategy, to QA to DevOps, we deliver full-stack software development services that support your product requirements and deliver on your strategic business needs.

Custom Software Development Services in USA-Contata Solutions
Custom IT Software Solution Development Company-Contata Solutions

Agile Process

Development processes designed to deliver value rapidly

Our custom software development services are defined by transparency, quality, and operational excellence. Through our pragmatic Agile approach, we develop, test, and adjust as your innovative ideas are transformed into high-quality, scalable software products that drive real business value.

Cloud Platforms

Scalability and Cost Efficiency

The cloud doesn’t conform to a one-size-fits-all mentality.  Instead, it gives you a lot of different options to setup your environment to meet your unique needs. Two main service models in the cloud are Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS).  Both of these have their merits, and you can even mix the two when needed. Contata has expertise with both the service models.

Cloud Platforms
Hire Custom Software Development Company-Contata Solutions

AI Applications

Power your applications with machine learning and AI

Search easily across millions of documents of different types and find insights with a sub second response. Documents are secured and only visible to individuals who are authorized to access that document. Do a full text search on content as well as Meta Data tags. Apply ranking and rating to get more relevant documents faster.

Use Cases


User Interface development using modern technologies like React/Angular/ Vue.js along with rich User Experience


Add flexibility, speed, and robustness to your back-end systems incorporating microservices that can be developed and deployed independently.

Data Management

Integrate cleaned data from different sources using ETL processes, on prem or on the cloud to power your apps and perform analytics.

Mobile Apps

Develop and deploy responsive and beautiful mobile apps designed natively for specific platforms, or utilizing modern cross platform tools

Architecture Design

Consult with us to put together solution architectures designed to address your business needs, with recommended tools and technologies for cloud or on-prem environments

Technical Documentation

Use our expert resources to analyze business applications and create supporting documentation such as a User Manuals or Guides, FAQs, and Context Sensitive Help

Web Applications

Build web applications with modern flexible architectures that work on any platform and any browser and any device


Continuous Integration/Continuous Development along with Continuous Delivery is what we are good at

Machine Learning and AI

Enrich your applications with intelligent functions driven by machine learning on historic and incoming data.

API Development

Microservices based RESTful services or GraphQL based services development and deployment


Developing a secure web application by following industry standard practices

Visualization and Insights

Developing effective Visualization of complex data for easy consumption by business stakeholders using variety of tools like PowerBI, Tableau, HighCharts, Google Charts etc


Ensure quality of software with Manual or Automated testing along with various other types of testing.