Business Intelligence

Secure dashboards and reports to track KPIs and provide drill-down exploration

Monitoring KPIs

Track the health of all aspects of your business with KPIs targeted at different performance measures.

Anomaly Alerts

Get notified when any indicators breach allowable limits, so action can be taken for diagnosis and remedy.

Rapid Deployment

Build and deploy reports and dashboards rapidly, with cloud or on-premises analytics tools.

Secure Access

Incorporate role-based access to dashboards and reports to ensure only authorized users to be see respective data.

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Architecture and Design

The right BI system and tools for your environment

There are a variety of approaches and tools out these for implementing analytics dashboards for your business. Depending on your data-environment and business needs, the tools can be implemented with various levels of data-blending, filtering and bucketing. Contata can help analyze your data and recommend a tool and implementation strategy to meet your needs.

KPI Dashboards & Alerts

Track Key Performance Indicators for your business

Design and implementation of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is critical for monitoring the health of different aspects of your business. Examples of such Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can include Sales Amount, Sales Volume, Profit per Item, etc.

Carefully designed dashboards can help with continuous monitoring of KPIs as well as sending our alerts to stakeholders when normal trends are breached.

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Drill Downs

Explore data interactively to diagnose and fix issues

An important role of a BI tool is not only to provide alerts on when a KPI is trending down, but also to allow interactive exploration of WHY. When building a BI system, Contata ensures that the system incorporates not only data that goes directly into computation of KPIs, but also other data that may indirectly affect it. Drill-down reports are then incorporated into the interface to then allow for analysis of root causes of any issues.

Automated Insights

Glean insights from automated analyses

Deploy data-mining tools to automatically find patterns in your data, such as clusters of similar customers, or outliers in data-streams. These insights can be implemented right in the BI tool, or separately, to add pattern intelligence to the data.

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Highlight data insights with choice of visualization tools

The techniques for visualizing data have become increasingly sophisticated in highlighting data trends and context. Contata can help design the right visualization mechanisms utilizing mix of graphing and charting tools incorporating geographical and other grouping mechanisms.

Technologies: Power BI, Tableau, High Charts, Kibana, google charts, D3.js

Secure Dashboards

Ensure security through role-based authorization

Ensuring that dashboards and reports are visible only to authorized users is critical for security of your data. We can help implement role-based mechanisms to limit access only to users based on their job-function, or specific users as exceptions.

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